Monday, August 16, 2010


It is colloquium time again for CMU's officer. This time around it will be MHM, our first ever engineer! (I supposed in a decade maybe). We just hope that MHM is going to do well during his presentation this 2.00 pm with his new machine (nope...we are not going to tell you more than that...shh...rahsia). Hopefully MHM together with our new addition of engineer (NU) will work something out especially in adressing the labour problems in Malaysian rubber industry. Perhaps, to come out with a robot to do all the tapping works and when we talk about robot we really mean it like a real robot. Try imagine Megatrone ( is not Haji Megat at ladang doing tapping) or even the machines in Avatar movie (and no again, it is not that Avatar with 'bald headed and an arrow tattoed at his head' boy fighting fire nation). We hope our versions of robots can inspire them later in the future (macam beyond 3000 lah konon-kononnya). Anyway, good luck MHM...sure comfirm maa...



Do all of you by now know about certain 'list' ? One list in particular is emerging from nowhere. It is actually the list from the past. It shows which side are you although the big question is should there be a side at all. My advice, make your own stand! Please focus with our research instead.


Hampir seminggu berpuasa dan bukanlah kami ni beria-ia sangat nak raya. Cuma kami di COB ingin meneruskan tradisi seperti tahun lepas sempena hari raya dimana kami telah menganjurkan ucapan selamat hari raya. Jadi tahun ini, ucapan sampaikan raya kami bertajuukkk....RAYA BERSAMA COB! Jadi, jgn segan silu untuk menghantarkan ucapan raya anda bersama gambar raya terbaru (kalau boleh tak keluar FB lagi) kepada MAAG untuk diedit dsbnya. Bukan apa, sekarang paper pun 1 Ramadhan dah ada ucapan raya student dan juga bagi mengelakkan macam tahun lepas dimana ada orang yang tak sempat hantar. Apa2 hal, bebudak CMU dan alumni wajib...tak ada siap korang...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Kami di CMU officers' blog ingin mengucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa kepada seluruh muslimin dan muslimat. Moga Ramadhan kali ini merupakan Ramadhan yang terbaik buat kita dan seterusnya dapat membantu kita melatih diri untuk menjadi insan yang cemerlang.
P/s: Lepas sahur, jangan lupa gosok gigi!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We always make jokes about this whenever we were in Cineleisure Damansara. After eating, watching movie, playing bowling or even some karaokes and when it seems that there were nothing else to do, somebody among us will quickly suggest, " How about we go to the library instead?".

Hmm...yeah ... right! Well, for those who are not familiar with Cineleisure Damansara, the library is not exactly the library that all of you imagining right now (no tengkolok shape building or even Kak Selamah inside it). It is actually a 'gastropub'(a mix of a pub with gastronomic adventure perhaps). So in other words, this place suppose to be suitable for GSS only. But knowing GSS and the rest of the CMU group, none of us will carry our books there (although from what I heard, the librarians there is not even close to Kak Selamah, they were smokin' hot...). Below is the pictures for the internal design of the library which I took from their website.
So, we also have our own library which curently we call 'Mini Library UPT'. We really like to design it as exactly as the 'the library' in Cineleisure Damansara. However, due to budget constraint, not much can be done. The only things that is similar in comparison with that other library is just the bookshelf itself (I mean the colour, don't you think so?). In spirit...we have the concept and ideas as same as the gastropub. We try to capture the mood and we did it as the room turn out to be something that you can found in Europe although none of us are not even there yet. How we know it, well we get a comment from a person (outsider and non MRB) who are accidentially in that room and telling it to our staff on how beautiful our mini library is. Reminiscence of him in UK! (we hope we nailed it)

We have a lots of history in developing this library. Previously, all the books and documents were everywhere in a room which we called as Bilik Dokumen. Then, I asked Dr Nasa for bookshelf and we managed to get it. So, we start from there, gathering old furniture, sorting documents, collecting books and some deco. Most of the details inside the room is actually from the personal collections of CMU officers. Dr Zul himself also has been very supportive in agreeing to buy few things to make our mini library looks like a real library so that it can be used by the officers and also by the staffs. And tomorrow, we will open the curtain for the library and also the door because in a way, we are proud of this petit library. This mini library is dear to our heart. Some of the collections were actually not to say one of a kind, perhaps a rare documents because CMU has long been a references in terms of agronomy and latex harvesting. Here is the picture of our mini library, as you can see it is actually a small room. We determine to improve the collections by the contributions of our own officers and we hope that we are able to keep this collections as long as we can because by now we know that the government will develop the land in Sg Buloh and who knows where will CMU be located during that time. Our only hope is somebody will look after these books and documents because these are the informations that were used in shaping our rubber industry in the past, we are using it now in present time to study it for knowledge and hopefully it is an inspiration in developing new R&D in the future for the betterment of rubber industry in this country.

So, there is a suggestion on soft launch for this mini library, the others cmu officers are encourage to give their opinions on this. Ramadhan is around the corner, so it is up to you guys...kumpul dan makan -makan je kot. Please 3R (Respek, Rileks dan Respon!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The CMU's blog is alive and respond to the SALT issues i feel it is also important to talk about the sugar issue..No this does not involved the increase of the sugar price or the shortage of the sugar supply during the festive'm talking about a person who felt the need to became a sugar or in a layman terms a kipas to the important a way this SUGAR can be a good friend to the SALT. Like many things in much of a good thing might not be such a good thing after all.
If you were wondering why the so called VIPs always suffered diabetic problems..well this is because they have too much sugar among them..the person who hold their bags, open their water bottle or kept agreeing to that VIPs words no matter how stupid it sounds. the benefits of being a SUGAR was a little bit better compare to being a SALT. Why? Becoz unlike the SALT who are considered as a traitor among us, the SUGAR are more like a annoyance that irritate us. But keep in mind that the SUGAR might surprise you unexpectedly by being a SALT somewhere , sometime, somehow...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This post is related with the released of movie ‘SALT’ and the author wish to exaggerate it with the development of Russian spies scandal in US (BTW our very own MAA, who is currently studying at the State is not a spy and for god sake, let she finish her education in peace).

SEBELUM ITU…Amboi emosinya post di bawah tu…

Back to a serious matter, the big question will be… who SALT is among us? (after this, SALT will be used as a reference for SPY in CMU, although in the movie Angelina Jolie turn out to be a good spy in the end based on the movie summary that I got from Cineleisure Damansara).Right now, we should be very cautious on every action and even conversations made due to leakage of information from CMU office. Here, the types of information can be divided into two; the R&D matters and also the not so R&D matters (based on our survey, the not so R&D matters usually leaked first and it involves around office politics, Persatuan Tamil, Persatuan Islam, isu naik basikal ke ladang, isu siapa couple MHM, isu siapa nak kena transfer ke Sg Petani, isu tak pernah key in data, isu tak ajak datang jamuan, isu buat apa kat ladang lama-lama, isu tulis blog etc. To all of the CMU officers, just be careful when making conversations. We believe that SALT type persons are among us. They could be anybody and investigations already started to find these SALT and surely none of them look likes Angelina Jolie. Try to do these things instead:

a) When you suspected that there were SALTs in your room, divert your conversation such as, “ Anak nko apa khabar?” (contoh soalan pada SN) or “ Amway nko macam mana” (contoh soalan pada KAA) or “Nko menang ke lawan badminton semalam?”(contoh soalan pada MFK)

b) Used the lowest tone when talk about something that can be classified as secret especially at MAAG room (because there is no wall in his room and MAAG preferred the glass windows so that his room look different from any other rooms but in terms of secrecy, bilik tu tak sesuai), SN‘s room, KAA’s room and kesemua bilik belakang because the walls were not soundproof.

c) Know your staffs (and that includes where they usually hang out during the weekend, you might surprise with your findings).

d) Lock your door (walau pun sekejap, akhir-akhir ni ada orang jual Readers' Digest, orang jual air liur pasal kira formula yg kita dah lama tahu dll). Kita bukan amalkan dasar tutup pintu, tapi dasar appointment dulu.

Lain-lain tips, nanti kita akan circulate sebab these blog itself pun…dot…DAN kalau dengar bunyi nyanyian-nyanyian pelik tepi bilik, itu pun SALT jugak. Itu Suppu@Salt Letchumy yang nak spy kita takut kita mengata hal dia dengan Rani. Kalau korang Nampak dia masuk library, tolong tengok-tengokkan sikit, karang hilang lagi Gajah dalam library tu.
SALT will be released on 29th July 2010 but the CMU officers’ blog is recommending ‘Inception’ which we taught is by far the most brilliant movie for this summer. We just love it!
SATU LAGI…CMU officers’ blog also have our own SALT. Rumor has it that the Datukship is in process for one of the familiar person among us. Yes…words do travel, cuma words tu tak ada claim perjalanan...kuang...kuang..kuang...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



CMU DIGEMPAR-GEMBUR DENGAN SOAL 'PERHUBUNGAN'..........(syok sendiri kot....)

Dua mempelai dijodohkan bersama,
Naik pelantar membina gading bahagia....

Adakah ini kesudahan riwayat hidup semua orang?...No, No, No.....

Apakah tahapx2 yer, mari layar.....

ada yang 'desperado'! kerana umur? atau tindak balas fizikal? atau perasaan emosi...(apa lah aku, orang lain dah ada.....)

ada yang seronok pegang tangan, dilamun cinta mabuk! (apa salahnya! cheh waaaaa.....)

ada pulak terpendam, malux2 nak lafaz cintanya...'biarlah rahsia' (eh, pernah dengar....)

ada yang berani, melafaz: hati 'ku' telah dimiliki!

ada yang kata: 'jodoh belum sampe....tunggu ler...', 'tu tuhan kasi...', 'tiada rezeki.....', 'muka cam nih siapa nak...' (nak tenangkan diri ke?????......)

ada mengeluh: 'nak kumpul $$$$ dulu baru lah boleh.....'

ada yang tak kesahhhhhhh....

tak kira apa pun keadaan, ada yang termeterai, ada yang tergadai......

yang paling sakit ati, sama-sama bercinta, namun pengantin bukan i........(apa terjadi???? run away bride?????)

yang paling mencabar pulak: 'semua sayangkan i, susah bagi i menyakiti ati mana-mana satu' (wow, high level......ramai jantan @ betina simpanan kot......)

(Nota: nukilanx2 di atas adalah imaginasi semata-mata....siapa makan cili dia yang rasa pedas! huhu!)

Anda di tahap mana??????

i.....mana-mana...... (SUDAH........)

Macam mana pun, biar lah IKHLAS........

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Betul, tak tipu nih...tapi yang sedihnya tak sorang pun daripada cmu officer dijemput. Mungkin dia ada reason sendiri kot. Lagipun majlis tunang je. Tak berhak untuk anda semua terasa. Anyway congrats dan katanya majlis berlangsung hari Ahad, 25 hb. Maklumat dicomfirmkan sendiri oleh Dr Zul. Kami di CMU akan ternanti-nantikan kalau ada gambar-gambar pertunangan tersebut yang sudi diberikan oleh empunya diri yang kini telah masuk kategori darah manis. Jaga diri dan tahniah...

GAMBAR HIASAN: Beyonce tengah menunjukkan Jay-Z kat mana nak letak cincin dalam lagu Single Ladies

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Nasib baiklah office aku dah berubah sekarang...good tips sebab banyak makeover dan renovations sedang berlaku di UPT. Yang menarik, highlighted with red. Messy piles of papers and files? who? me? mana ada...

What Your Workspace Says About You
Larry Buhl, for Yahoo! HotJobs, Yahoo! HotJobs

If you spend a lot of time at a desk, personalizing the space makes sense--whether it's a private corner office or a shared cubicle. But just as your clothes and body language make an impression on others, your workspace gives coworkers and clients a distinct impression about you. Plants, books, artwork--even your name plaque--transmit clues about your efficiency, your sociability, and your competence, experts say. "Everything in your office sends a message, whether you want it to or not," says Lisa Marie Luccioni, an adjunct professor of communication at the University of Cincinnati.
So what might they be thinking when they see your space?

You'd rather be fishing (or skiing, or skydiving, or building birdhouses). Evidence: Pictures and artifacts from your hobby on every surface.

There's a delicate balance between sharing your interests and giving the impression that you're daydreaming all day about jumping out of planes or skiing, according to Barbara Pachter, business etiquette expert and the author of "New Rules at Work": "Pictures of your hobby are good conversation starters, but if you have too many of them, it makes people wonder whether you're really daydreaming about fly-fishing."

They can hang around. Evidence: A full candy dish, aspirin in the drawer, well-tended plants, pictures of children and babies.

"Things like an open door, candy, a comfortable guest chair, and photos of people--but not pictures of objects--signal an extroverted workspace that people will feel free to linger in," says Sam Gosling, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas.

They shouldn't hang around. Evidence: Flimsy guest chair, guest chair covered in files, or no guest chair. Your desk faces away from guests. Minimal or no decoration.

"Even if your office has photos or artwork, but they're images of things and not people, [people] can make an assumption you're more introverted and might not want them to linger," Gosling says.

You demand respect. Evidence: Multiple degrees on the wall, awards on the shelf, pictures of you and important people, magazines featuring articles about you. The plaque on your desk says your full name and title, and lists your advanced degrees.

"Name plaques form a strong impression. If it says just your first name, people assume you're friendly and approachable. If it has a formal title, they think you want to be respected for your rank," Luccioni says.

You've just been hired, you've just been fired, or you'd like to leave soon. Or you'd rather be temping. Evidence: Files in boxes, no decorations, no books, no plants, no pictures, and no name plaque.

They should avoid doing business with you. Evidence: Messy piles of papers on every surface. Half-eaten donuts atop teetering stacks of binders. Carpet stains.

Experts agree that a messy office can seriously damage your reputation as a conscientious person. "It's hard to function in a messy office, and people assume your office chaos will spill over to their project and their files will be lost in your mess," Pachter says.

Gosling pointed to research that shows people read much more than they should into a messy office. "People think that someone with a messy office is less agreeable, which may not be accurate. My guess is, people assume a mess is inconsiderate."

You don't take the whole "work thing" too seriously. Evidence: Humorous posters, ironic bumper stickers, whimsical images, and toys.

Conscious Decorating
Experts have several suggestions on making sure your workspace matches the image you want to project.

Err on the conservative side. Especially if clients visit you or if you're in a high-traffic area, you want to make sure people don't stop in their tracks to gawk at your collection of teddy bears or tiki torches.

Be careful with controversial items. "Consider the cost:reward ratio of putting up something like a political campaign poster," Luccioni says. "You might find kindred spirits, or you might offend people and get a first meeting off to a bad start." All experts say anything potentially racist, sexist, or homophobic, or otherwise disparaging of a group, is a no-no.

Check your employee handbook, or ask HR. Your company probably has some guidelines on decorating your work space. They might not even permit any decoration, which makes the issue moot.

Follow industry norms. Some industries demand a strict image of seriousness, while others are more laid-back. A poster with a funny or counterculture slogan would be more appropriate in the office of an advertising copywriter than the office a defense attorney.

Consider the physical arrangement. "A desk can act as a barrier and give formality, which is good for reviews but can be intimidating," Luccioni says. She adds that a small circular table allows everyone to meet on an equal basis. A power difference, if you want that, can be achieved by giving guests smaller, flimsier chairs.

And if you tend to make snap judgments about others' offices, try to look at the bigger picture, Gosling recommends.

"Any one item can have many different purposes. If someone has a plant, maybe they have a green thumb, maybe they're into feng shui, or maybe the plant was left over from the last person in that office. If you see someone with a super neat desk, how do you know whether they're truly neat, or whether they swept everything into a drawer before you stopped by?"

Copyright © 2010 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 10, 2010



It has been a while since somebody wrote on this blog. However, some of the CMU officer’s think that it is necessary to write something now, as what ever happened in near future hopefully will make all of us feeling not that too devastated on our beloved unit. Last Thursday, an unexpected person came to our office after the office hours almost end with an intention to become our next HOU. To that person, yes we know, you are going to read this after all (which is fine by us); first we just want to welcome you to this unit and no… we are not going to scare you. After all, you are very bold enough in requesting our unit as your FIRST unit to be HOU. Good luck with that! (BTW, luck thus not mean ‘delegate’, too much delegating means you don’t know anything at all about CMU= tak payah Head pun tak pa kalau macam tu). In other development (direct translation), today we see the different side of Dr Zul. He is not happy (please hang in there Dr Zul …). And today yours truly also just found out the truth about SEREMBANGATE (it sound more scandalous when it was wrote like that, please refer to the WATERGATE incidence).I just being told about the real culprit of the incidence. All of you can give it a try and guess who that mysterious person was. There will be no prize what so ever, I’m trying to make it fun here since we now don’t have that HRP Competition anymore. To that mysterious person, Eh…hope you are reading this and I know you will, YOU SUCK! After all that I have been through, may your life is easier than mine…and I hope you realized, what goes around, comes around and if it is not to you, it will happen to your family members. Allah is Great. To my collegues, just to let you know, there might be second wave of my transfer issue to Seremban. So…currently I have to pull myself together again now, finding strategies and totally not that into blue eye boy things. Hell…no! Aku tahu ada orang dah mula mengata. Gua ada maruah beb! Dan biarlah orang buat gua, visionari gua adalah akhirat…kalau gua nak buat apa-apa pun, it will be in style.Tungguuuuuuu……PASTI ADA SAMBUNGAN PASAL INI LAGI PADA POS AKAN DATANG


SS akan berangkat ke negerinya sendiri pada 17hb kalau tak silap untuk memulakan tugas baru beliau di Similajau. Manakala, CMU juga mengalu-alukan kedatangan seorang lagi pegawai baru iaitu Cik Norsofiana yang berasal daripada Melaka. Masuk team engineer. Tak ada gambar lak nak letak kat sini buat masa ini. Tunggguuu (lagi sekali)….PASTI ADA SAMBUNGAN PASAL INI JUGAK PADA POS AKAN DATANG

P/s: Tak adalah lagi lodge lima bintang untuk aku kalau ke Kota Tinggi lain kali…sedey…

DALAM KENANGAN …konon-kononnyalah

Dan bersempena ngan WORLD CUP, kami di CMU turut bersetuju ngan kempen NO TO RACISM. Dengar2 MAAG akan mengadakan parti tak liar pagi tu bersama-sama ngan beberapa member yg lain dirumahnya.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Gambar asal poster sebelum di National Geography kan

Last Monday, the new chairman visited RRI and obviously CMU were involved for LITS. All the worked involved in setting up the displays were only started on Saturday. Imagine how hectic it was because we don’t have any posters at all. Luckily, Duriemas and of course, Zaharah was willing to help me. ALHAMDULLILAH and I must say it turns out to be good. Again, thank you Duriemas and their staffs for willingly to worked on Saturday just to ensure the job is done and also for sending us the right posters after major correction before the new chairman arrived at our place (the mistakes was only noticed that Monday morning!). So this time around, the displays came with National Geography concept (penat aku menerangkan kat Zaharah sampai pening kepala dia). We want it to come with sequence and synergized. On that morning pulak, due to rain on Sunday night, ladang basah. Bertekak aku dengan orang Stesen minta turap ladang. Actually, at that particular time, I don’t want to listen to any excuses…hangin aku. Back hoe tak adalah, nak tunggu Ikhsan lah. Why must you give excuses before you even try? I’m doing impossible things at the moment dengan menyiapkan everything on Saturday and Sunday. Yang sikit tu pun tak boleh ke? To make the story short, I get what I want plus fogging nyamuk sekali and kind of regretting myself because of ‘kata dua’ yang aku bagi pada staff tu. Terasa macam Kimora plak. Overall the visit was OK (for me, I tak dengar lagi pahat), the only comment that I received from the audience was, “Does your hair use MORTEX?” a…ahhh, ye lah tu and here are the pictures.

Yg belakang tu bukan kabus, tapi fogging nyamuk

Susun atur di ladang

TKP, KP, YB dan Dr Zul

Team members

This was true event but for further confirmation, the officer himself needs to clarify it. I diberitahu oleh sumber-sumber yang boleh dipercayai yang KP dah buat visit ke SPKT. In order to make SPKT nampak gah, hebat, mantap dan terurus, kakitangan SPKT telah bertungkus lumus mengemas pejabat, ladang dan kawasan-kawasan sekitarnya. Pada masa yang sama, salah seorang daripada pegawai CMU sedang menjalankan penyelidikan yang berkaitan ngan rumpai (tak tahulah Paspalum ker, rumput Israel ker) di sana. Disebabkan staff yang ditugaskan tidak mengetahui mengenai kewujudan eksperimen tersebut, maka staff tersebut dengan rasa bertanggung jawab (ke suka hati?) telah memotong rumput –rumput tersebut yang bagi dirinya nampak serabut pada laluan yang KP akan gunakan semasa lawatan nanti. Walau bagaimanapun niat murni kakitangan tersebut telah menjadi kebengangan pegawai CMU tersebut hingga kini.

Hmm…banyak persoalan bermain di minda, adakah perang akan meletus? Adakah saman menyaman akan berlaku? Apakah reaksi SS? Saya rasa kita perlu ambil iktibar daripada kejadian ini dan janganlah meyalahkan pekerja tersebut, kesian dia…dah rumput kan? Nak buat macam mana? CMU officer’s blog akan cuba mendapatkan komen mereka yang terbabit tapi sebelum itu, kami di CMU officers’ blog ingin memperkenalkan program baru in conjunction dengan peristiwa tersebut…
SEHARI SATU RUMPUT! (program mengenali rumpai dibawah CMU officer’s blog dengan objektif agar tak sewenang-wenangnya memotong rumput penyelidikan orang lain).

Nama Tempatan: Rumput Israel
Nama Saintifik: Asystasia Gangetica L.
Famili: Acanthaceae
Lokasi dijumpai: Ditepi-tepi jalan dan pinggir belukar
Tumbuhan ini begitu mudah didapari tumbuh liar dipinggir-pinggir jalan dan tepi belukar. Ia membiak melalui keratan batang dan secara menjalar. Ia begitu cepat membiak dan dapat menjajah sesuati kawasan dengan cepat sekali.
Tumbuhan ini digunakan untuk mengubat luka akibat dari gigitan serangga dengan cara melumatkan daunnya dan menampalnya pada tempat luka tersebut.

Info menarik:
Nama lain : Bayam Nyonya, Rumput Cik Hassan (Bukan Encik Hassan BKP)

Bunga putih dia disukai arnab

Sedap dimasak lemak putih ngan keledek ngan udang kering (tak penah pulak aku cuba dan tak tipu nih,check internet. Boleh komersil ganti alfalfa)

Kalau kambing ngan biri-biri makan kena cirit birit (ada aku kesah!)

Pada minggu lepas juga, satu lawatan muhibbah telah diadakan oleh dua orang pegawai daripada UKEB dan UPB di SPKT bagi melihat sendiri kawasan plot penyelidikan masing-masing yang melibatkan CMU. Lawatan ini juga turut melibatkan program melawat rumah baru SS dan juga ke pokok klon yang besar seperti dibawah ini. Lawatan juga diselang-seli dengan cerita seram courtesy of Ruhida.


Minggu lepas, minggu ini dan minggu hadapan, ramai CMU officers’ yang bercuti atau berada di tempat lain e.g. MFK di Sg Congkak, SS di Penang, GSS di Sabah dan Sarawak dan NMCH di merata-rata. Sesiapa yang berminat, ini NMCH ada offer:

Taman Negara Trip via Jerantut : 2D1N, free & easy + mancing + 3 x meals (masakan kampung) + boat + tent (3 people/tent) + pass + canopy walk (* + RM 20)...joran can be supplied by request. Total RM 180 + RM 20 = RM 200. Canopy walk - later arrangement for those interested..package offered by my cousin. 15-16 @ 22-23 hb May. TQ

Monday, April 26, 2010


Cantik tak gambar kat atas tuh! (promo diri). Gambar lain-lain adalah untuk tatapan member-member FB aku jer. kali ini berkisar pasal malam yang penuh dramatik kat Pangkor. Malam karaoke yang betul-betul mendapat sambutan. Bukan senang nak tengok GSS, MHM, SN, KAA, Manikam, Kalyani, Sukumaran etc menyanyi. Keputusan malam tu pun cukup kontroversi, sepatutnya group aku yang menang, tapi dek salah announce, group MHM yang menang. Ini sudah tidak adil! Tapi bagi aku tak jadi hal sebab esoknya group terbaik secara keseluruhan adalah group aku (Kumpulan Signifikan) yang terdiri daripada Nurul, Kalyani, Awie, Sukumaran dan Fairus. Korang memang best! Ini gambar-gambar Pangkor masa malam Karaoke. Dan pada malam itu juga, aku membuat pengumuman yang sedih dan penuh emosi sehinggakan hakim malam itu turut terpengaruh dengan kisah sedih itu dan seterusnya meletakkan group kami ke tempat pertama/kedua. Aku telah menerima surat yang aku tak jadi ditransfer ke Seremban. Dan aku mengambil keputusan untuk announce kan benda tu sebab aku tahu ramai staff yang support aku. Aku dapat surat tu pun hari Rabu lepas. Alhamdullilah dan terima kasih kepada kakitangan CMU yang datang dan terus mengucapkan Selamat Datang Kembali ke CMU...Terima kasih juga buat pegawai-pegawai yang menyokong (especially Dr Zul dan Dr Nasa)

Acara dimulakan dengan makan-makan

Group pertama...kumpulan EGO dengan GSS menyanyikan lagu Seiring dan Sejalan

Group dua, Matahari tapi tak nyanyi pun mana-mana lagu yang berkaitan dengan matahari samada nyanyian Maya mahupun Agnes Monica

Persembahan solo yang ketiga tak silap telah disumbangkan oleh KAA

Group tiga, kumpulan aku! Rambut tu bukan dibuat-buat. Semulajadi ditiup angin Pangkor (Nak beritahu sekali lagi nih...kumpulan nih juara keseluruhan ngan juara karaoke...jeles le tu)

Kumpulan One One dengan lagu patriotik acapella yang macam ... (isilah tempat kosong itu sekiranya anda kejam)

Kumpulan Releven ngan Doa untuk Kekasih (tak ada kena mengena dengan doa Qunut mahupun doa ketika hari hujan dan ribut)

GSS enterframe dengan menghadiahkan bunga raya jer pada Shasha ngan Dilla. Amboi...amboi...amboi...
MHM yang turut menganggotai kumpulan Helang menyanyi/menjerit-jerit/tunjuk perasaan dengan mata yang merah. Takut nko...

Tempat ketiga

Tempat kedua (tapi sepatutnya nombor satu...perasaan tak rambut tu...)

Tempat pertama (sepatutnya kedua...perasan tak tangan tu...ha..ha..ha..)

AJK dengan itik getah masing-masing

Pagi dimulakan dengan membina menara LGM.Siap juga menara ini setelah penat melangut.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Penat lepas treasure hunt
Aku scandal (kuang...kuang...kuang...)

Atuk ke Papa ker...kira-kira ada tokoh lah. GSS dengan Alesya (anak SN)


Salam Semuanya...

Dah lama tak berblog, dah lama tak ada MAJALAH HOI, dah lama tak ada ucapan-ucapan hari lahir. Mungkin ada yang beranggapan yang CMU officers' blog telah terkubur. Yang nyata...sayapnya patah sikit. BTW, Kiut tak itek tuh...ha..kalau nak tahu, aku telah bertungkus lumus memikirkan hadiah yang nak diberi pada AJK Latihan dan Pembangunan Insan malam nih masa karaoke kat Pangkor. Bukan apa, masa nak beli hadiah tu (termasuk hamper untuk karaoke yang disponsor oleh para pegawainya) penat aku round Giant nak cukupkan barang dengan bajet yg nak dibeli. So...daripada beli mug, aku rasa baik aku beli sesuatu yang ada metafora dan berdasarkan duit gaji yang tinggal pada malam 23hb yg lalu. So...aku belilah itek ini walaupun bebudak kecik kat Giant tu pelik kenapa aku beli itek bebanyak. Simboliknya, anak-anak itek akan sentiasa mengekori ibu itek dan sentiasa nampak bersama. So, aku imagine MHM dgn anak-anak buahnya yg telah gigih untuk mengadakan kem motivasinya yg selama ini CMU tak pernah ada. Atas pengrealisasian tersebut, aku rasa mereka berhak dihargai. Aku cadang nak sebut nama sahaja,tapi sekalikanlah dengan itek getah tu. Itupun kalau sempat malam ni bagi...harapnya sempat. Tahniah MHM dan crew membernya.

Dan di Pangkor semuanya macam berjalan seperti dirancang. GSS, Dr Zul dan Dr Masa yg sepatutnya tak dapat hadir, tiba-tiba berjaya menghadirkan diri. Memang aku terasa syukur sangat sebab diantara officer kita makin kurang program. Dan bila berjaya kumpul semua, ia adalah sesuatu yang diluar jangkaan especially GSS, I'm glade you made it dan terkini dari Pangkor, hari dah petang, ramai yg ke pantai tapi aku decide dok bilik jer sebab semalam aku kemaruk gila sewa motor dan naik bot sorang-sorang (tapi bot tu ada pemandu dialah), so aku tak teruja sangat nak keluar sebab penat treasure hunt tadi. So, ini lah beberapa keping gambar terkini kami semua di Pangkor.
Hj Zainal yg membaca doa dalam bas
Penampilan solo Ashraf Atruddin dalam CMU officers' blog
Kakitangan-kakitangan CMU yg tengah shopping
Ucapan Dr Masahuling pada malam perasmian
P/s: Malam ni, kalau sempat aku akan ada satu pengumuman. Kalau sempat...