Thursday, July 29, 2010


The CMU's blog is alive and respond to the SALT issues i feel it is also important to talk about the sugar issue..No this does not involved the increase of the sugar price or the shortage of the sugar supply during the festive'm talking about a person who felt the need to became a sugar or in a layman terms a kipas to the important a way this SUGAR can be a good friend to the SALT. Like many things in much of a good thing might not be such a good thing after all.
If you were wondering why the so called VIPs always suffered diabetic problems..well this is because they have too much sugar among them..the person who hold their bags, open their water bottle or kept agreeing to that VIPs words no matter how stupid it sounds. the benefits of being a SUGAR was a little bit better compare to being a SALT. Why? Becoz unlike the SALT who are considered as a traitor among us, the SUGAR are more like a annoyance that irritate us. But keep in mind that the SUGAR might surprise you unexpectedly by being a SALT somewhere , sometime, somehow...

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