Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This post is related with the released of movie ‘SALT’ and the author wish to exaggerate it with the development of Russian spies scandal in US (BTW our very own MAA, who is currently studying at the State is not a spy and for god sake, let she finish her education in peace).

SEBELUM ITU…Amboi emosinya post di bawah tu…

Back to a serious matter, the big question will be… who SALT is among us? (after this, SALT will be used as a reference for SPY in CMU, although in the movie Angelina Jolie turn out to be a good spy in the end based on the movie summary that I got from Cineleisure Damansara).Right now, we should be very cautious on every action and even conversations made due to leakage of information from CMU office. Here, the types of information can be divided into two; the R&D matters and also the not so R&D matters (based on our survey, the not so R&D matters usually leaked first and it involves around office politics, Persatuan Tamil, Persatuan Islam, isu naik basikal ke ladang, isu siapa couple MHM, isu siapa nak kena transfer ke Sg Petani, isu tak pernah key in data, isu tak ajak datang jamuan, isu buat apa kat ladang lama-lama, isu tulis blog etc. To all of the CMU officers, just be careful when making conversations. We believe that SALT type persons are among us. They could be anybody and investigations already started to find these SALT and surely none of them look likes Angelina Jolie. Try to do these things instead:

a) When you suspected that there were SALTs in your room, divert your conversation such as, “ Anak nko apa khabar?” (contoh soalan pada SN) or “ Amway nko macam mana” (contoh soalan pada KAA) or “Nko menang ke lawan badminton semalam?”(contoh soalan pada MFK)

b) Used the lowest tone when talk about something that can be classified as secret especially at MAAG room (because there is no wall in his room and MAAG preferred the glass windows so that his room look different from any other rooms but in terms of secrecy, bilik tu tak sesuai), SN‘s room, KAA’s room and kesemua bilik belakang because the walls were not soundproof.

c) Know your staffs (and that includes where they usually hang out during the weekend, you might surprise with your findings).

d) Lock your door (walau pun sekejap, akhir-akhir ni ada orang jual Readers' Digest, orang jual air liur pasal kira formula yg kita dah lama tahu dll). Kita bukan amalkan dasar tutup pintu, tapi dasar appointment dulu.

Lain-lain tips, nanti kita akan circulate sebab these blog itself pun…dot…DAN kalau dengar bunyi nyanyian-nyanyian pelik tepi bilik, itu pun SALT jugak. Itu Suppu@Salt Letchumy yang nak spy kita takut kita mengata hal dia dengan Rani. Kalau korang Nampak dia masuk library, tolong tengok-tengokkan sikit, karang hilang lagi Gajah dalam library tu.
SALT will be released on 29th July 2010 but the CMU officers’ blog is recommending ‘Inception’ which we taught is by far the most brilliant movie for this summer. We just love it!
SATU LAGI…CMU officers’ blog also have our own SALT. Rumor has it that the Datukship is in process for one of the familiar person among us. Yes…words do travel, cuma words tu tak ada claim perjalanan...kuang...kuang..kuang...

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