Monday, August 16, 2010


It is colloquium time again for CMU's officer. This time around it will be MHM, our first ever engineer! (I supposed in a decade maybe). We just hope that MHM is going to do well during his presentation this 2.00 pm with his new machine (nope...we are not going to tell you more than that...shh...rahsia). Hopefully MHM together with our new addition of engineer (NU) will work something out especially in adressing the labour problems in Malaysian rubber industry. Perhaps, to come out with a robot to do all the tapping works and when we talk about robot we really mean it like a real robot. Try imagine Megatrone ( is not Haji Megat at ladang doing tapping) or even the machines in Avatar movie (and no again, it is not that Avatar with 'bald headed and an arrow tattoed at his head' boy fighting fire nation). We hope our versions of robots can inspire them later in the future (macam beyond 3000 lah konon-kononnya). Anyway, good luck MHM...sure comfirm maa...



Do all of you by now know about certain 'list' ? One list in particular is emerging from nowhere. It is actually the list from the past. It shows which side are you although the big question is should there be a side at all. My advice, make your own stand! Please focus with our research instead.


Hampir seminggu berpuasa dan bukanlah kami ni beria-ia sangat nak raya. Cuma kami di COB ingin meneruskan tradisi seperti tahun lepas sempena hari raya dimana kami telah menganjurkan ucapan selamat hari raya. Jadi tahun ini, ucapan sampaikan raya kami bertajuukkk....RAYA BERSAMA COB! Jadi, jgn segan silu untuk menghantarkan ucapan raya anda bersama gambar raya terbaru (kalau boleh tak keluar FB lagi) kepada MAAG untuk diedit dsbnya. Bukan apa, sekarang paper pun 1 Ramadhan dah ada ucapan raya student dan juga bagi mengelakkan macam tahun lepas dimana ada orang yang tak sempat hantar. Apa2 hal, bebudak CMU dan alumni wajib...tak ada siap korang...

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