Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We are proud to annouced the winner for the HRP (1st Quarter, 2009) is none other than YAK. This is his second win in a row since HRP was introduced. As promised, the winner will be feature as our coverguy on MAJALAH HOI! Congratulations again to YAK... The winner also walk away with RM13,000.00 to be spend under the overtime vote (OK lah tu, bukan senang nak dapat peruntukan overtime) . The money should be spend accordingly by monthly used. Actually, MAJALAH HOI tak ada hadiah sebenarnya. So, kami buat lah hadiah daripada apa yang ada. The full list are below. However for ranking number 7 to 9, the competition is still on-going. Come on guys! Yes... you can do it! Do it before Dr. Ramli masuk ofis this week.

Below are the performance index for 1st HRP 2009. Konon-konon nyer we want to put some statistics ler dalam MAJALAH HOI kali nie. Anyway, most of the younger officer (termasuk yang menulis nie) were having problem in finishing the reports. Why? please refer to the figure below...
P/s: The figure need to be observed carefully for you to understand it.



Senarai ni pun dah keluar

Pegawai : ZS

Pembantu Penyelidik : Nadiah, Zain,

PRA: Rani, Bala (adik Rani),Faridah, Tanggaya

Tahniah kerana usaha anda telah diiktiraf oleh majikan anda!

Dr Sunder ke UK

Dr Sunder akan ke UK bagi membantu unit bioteknologi di sana bermula Mei. Dia ke sana satu family dan bila ditanya apa perasaan dia bila diminta ke TARRC, "I'm opened and OK with it, it is an oppurtunities for me to do research". Cuma, dia tidak diberitahu selama mana dia akan berada di sana, minimum 2 tahun...

Mari kelakar Sarawak! Apa yang kelakar?

Ha kinektok kamek nak cuba madah Sarawak! Mega sekarang dah ada di Sarawak. Kenak sik madah sama kamek? Kamek gelik gilak! Harap bait sahaja di sinun. Kitak pun dah lamak sik balik Sarawak kan? Selalu gago pasal kerja, pasal gerek, naik lejuk sudah... At least, sia boleh temu mak, ayah, miak kecik (anak saudara lah), jumpa manok, jumpa pusak dan lain-lain. Sikboh ole-ole ye untuk kamek! Jangan sik ada. Dudi, bila balik sitok, hati-hati naik belon, hati-hati nekik motor, hati-hati di jeraya.

Rumusan: MAA balik cuti, tu jer...

P/s: Kamek suka makan manok goreng. Nyaman gilak dekat pasar malam hari Selasa!

Nurmi dan comfirmation nya

Alhamdullilah, selamat sudah comfirmation Nurmi. Di tanya macam mana situasinya. Segalanya berjalan lancar cuma keputusan belum diketahui sebab KP masa tu kena bergegas untuk meeting di tempat lain. Kami hanya doakan yang terbaik untuk anda...insya-Allah, segalanya lancar.


Ini mungkin macam meeting tahun lepas sebab tak cukup budget. Jangan mare, kah...kah...kah

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is nonsense but very funny! Try to watch it (if your computer allowed it, most of the computers in our office cannot enter the interactive,highly audio visual and sensitive keywords websites! we care, there are always an alternatives for us)

P/s: The latest computer bought by UTM come without the speaker and only with a hole for headphone.I've been told that the main issue is "nak buat kerja ke nak berhibur?". For me, if I want to buy something, I am going to make sure it come with multi functions and the spesifications will not come under unrealistic reasons. Bak kata orang Melayu, alang membeli, menang memakai.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful world of Medan

Day 6

Field trip to Socfin Indonesia Plantation & Bridgestone Plantation. The different between these two plantation is that Socfin was a gov company while Bridgestone..well it is own by the famous Bridgestone tyres company. Socfin has 1358ha of land while the Bridgstone has 18,000ha. Can u see d different. Well i'm not gonna discuss much about this, coz if you want to know more u can read my official report.. after we're done with the field visits, we travel to the legendary Danau Toba (Toba Lake)..but first the famous burung goreng..(basicaly it's a fried puyuh, eat with rice and 16 0ther delicacies. Coz here is how it work in the restaurants....the waiter will only ask about your drink..then they will proceed by sending all 12-16 food choises to ur table.. So i sit there looking very companion ms.zaida explain that they will only charge on what u have chosen to eat. Ooooo. have'nt they heard about buffet style? :)

Day 7

The scenery along the way to the ledgendary Toba Lake mesmerized u and make u wonder how amazing God creation are.. Subhannallah. It make u think about how small you are in this big..big world. The lake is 100 kilometres long,30 kilometres wide, and 505 metres (1,666 ft) at its deepest point.This is definitely a must see place before u die..we took a 2 hour feri ride around the lake..and visits the island in the middle of the lake for a surveniers. This is one of the nicest experience in my life. So, for anyone who hasnt been here..u definitely should.

Day 8

Visits the laboratory for soil and leaf analysis, situated 1 hour from the Sungei Putih Experiment Station. Basiccaly it was like a BGA, where the DG and DDG office are. However Pak Chairil was not in the ofis. So i was introduced to Pak Anang the DDG of Operation..nice guy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

INDONESIA..the food, the culture..the language..the news

Day 3

Talking about demam ni...i had a flu. Fortunately i've came prepared with panadol :) Yesterday had a big headache so Priyo sruh rehat je di mass (rumah la tu). That's why no blogging..

Anyway, let's talk about the food first, very spicy and very sweets. The spicy suits me juz fine..but the sweetness was not at all my taste. Here are some of the delicacies

Day 4

Demam lagi, so tengok tv..the big new is PEMILU (Plihanraya Umum) there are 560 legislative seat in the parlimen...(wow!). The language was very difficults to follow but if ive got some of the pictures..and the very big news guys..Pangeran from Kelantan bawak lari model from Indonesia dan dia dianiaya..well the story is Putera Mahkota Kelantan (Rj Fariz i think) meet the 17teen yrs old girl and wanted to marry her. After the weeding which was held in Kelantan the mother claim that she coudnt contact her doughter coz the Kelantan royal wouldnt let her. Then she said that her daughter was abused by the royal family and she was detained in KLIA before meeting her..the news was very bad that even our PM,who was here in Indon for a visits was asked about it. My view in this matter was "How come i dont know that the Kelantan Prince married an indonesian and the weird things is that she is only 17teen guys! and the royal was twice her age ...(Maya selaku rakyat KELATE kena la komen ni)

Day 5

Report writing, Priyo was busy with smallholder training, similar to our work in AHM...he..he be continue..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


21 April AIM (MAA)
22 April Budget meeting



25 April Chelsea vs West Ham/Manchester United vs Tottenham H/Liverpool vs Hull City

26 April Arsenal vs Middlesbrough


22 April Earth day
25 April DNA Day


I am regretting myself for not watching this movie ealier. If you have a chance to catch the movie in STARMOVIE, please do so. It won an Oscar for best song (Falling slowly) and more than that the movie offer something else. Set in Dublin, the story is about an Irish musician that fell in love with a Czech immigrant that they decide to put it in songs. What I like about this movie is that I can listened to two different types of accents, I also enjoying listening to the songs very much, the beautiful Dublin and also to am I suprised, the politeness that both main character potrayed in showing their love and respect for each other. Jiwang lah pulak....mua..ha..ha... Try to watch it but if you don't like it, please do not blame it on me. We most probably have a different taste.

p/s: I have already downloaded 7 songs from the OST right after the movie end. Tak boleh hilang ler, terngiang-ngiang.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Day 1:
Leaving on a jetplane..well in my case it was an Airbus AK454. The flight was delayed for 2 hours for some technical reason (FYI IRRDB considered AIRASIA as their official flight like Man. United) by d way akbar put down d blue selendang and stop annoying the MU fans (Helmy be strong). When we finally entered the Medan skyline the weather was very bad that we coudnt land. So we circle the area for about 1 hour. Then the pilot decided to turn back and touch down in Penang. We finally continue our journey to Medan and arrived at 11pm. Overall it was an adventurous voyage indeed. Travelling from the airport to Sungei Putih Research Centre took another 1 & 1/2hour trip. Finally I've arrived!

Day 2.
I woke up early today coz i coudnt sleep and Subuh start at 5am anyway..first thing i did was checking out the kuarters that were given to me, the house has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms complete with living room and kitchen.The maid (yes i have a maid guys..) came in at 7am to prepare my breakfast and ironing my cloth..(i wish i could bring the lady with me to msia) i even asked if she was interested :) at 8am the driver came to fetch me (yes, i have a driver guys..) plz forgive me if i decided to stay :) I've a meeting with Pak Karyudi this morning..we had a nice chat and someway along the conversation Pak Karyudi manage to mentions MAYA name a couples of time..(p/s: Maya name was in d guest book with the rest of her group in 2007 trip to Medan). There is a twinkle in his eye when he mentions MAYA (no picture of coz!) ...sori ye Maya gosip je tu..we discussed the programmes and my shopping schedules opps! I mean my training schedules..he..he jgn mare ek! i was intoduced to other PAKS and BUKS but could not remember them all. Anyway that's all for now key ! to be continue..jeng..jeng..jeng

Monday, April 20, 2009


Loh, hari ini Ibu Shima, dalam jam dua berangkat pergi ke tanah seberang. Jangan lupa titipan buat kami bila pulang nanti. Jika bisa ketemu sama Agnes Monica, Terajana, Nidji, Intan, Ibu Arini, Toyyib sama Bunga, sampeikan salam kami yah! Ohh...nga lupa, titipkan juga gambar-gambar cewek di sana...assyyiikk.


Kawan-kawan! Siapa yang ke final FA Cup?

Majoriti warna merah tak? Opps...terlebih sudah...

Friday, April 17, 2009


We just have attended the longest hours of intelectual gathering on Friday! It started at 8.45 am and ended at 12 noon. Don't get me wrong! I am not against it, the presentations are full with informations on current R&D activities. However, the Q and A sessions were killing me and I believed the whole audience too.
I would like to summarized the Q&A session my own way:
Session 1:
During the early part of it, the Q&A were informative. I like it more this way. However, after a while...
Mr. Chairman: Yadda... yadda...yadda...yapp...yapp... anymore questions?
Mr. Chairman: Yadda...yadda...yadda...yapp...yapp... anymore questions? This side, that side?
And again...
Mr. Chairman:Yadda...yadda...yadda...yapp...yapp...anymore questions? BTW, where is our young researcher?
My personal views:
If there is no questions,why push it? The listeners will ask a question if they like too and when they felt they need to. I think most of us will felt the adrenaline if we have an idea and want to get up and talk about it. However, if the hormone are not functioning very well, why bother to provoke a question. The simple equation is, Audience + lazy= No questions

Session 2:

During second session of Q&A:

A) We can felt the presence of a VIP

B) To the economist...for God sake, just get the data.

C) In your face!(revenge of Wilayah people to other Wilayah people? maybe not...)

D) I did that, I am the only one who support you(say it loud in front of VIP, talking about the right words at the right time)
My personal views: ZZZZZZZZZZ......ZZZZZ......ZZZZZZ (this happen in the middle of Q&A session)
Session 3:

Mr Chairman: yadda...yadda...yadda...yap...yap...anymore questions?


Mr Chairman: Yadda...yadda...yadda...yap...yap...anymore questions?
After a while:
VIP: Yadda...yadda...yadda...yadda...yap...yap. Is that it? You comeback all the way from Bali to show me only this? Don't you know that I fully support all of you to go there?
(A WORD OF ADVICE: Next time around be carefull with the assignment that have been given to you. Something is missing here... perhaps, sincerity)
Mr. Chairman: yadda...yadda...yadda... yap...yap...anymore questions? Again where is our young officers?
Young officer 1:
Sugesstion...suggestion ...sugesstion....yadda...yadda...yapp...yapp. If we voice out our opinions, sometimes we were told to shutdown (this guy works in UTM, what do you expect....)
Mr. Chairman:
Really, I never knew that did happen. What do you mean actually? That is not our policy. Who are you? Are you on contract? (I like to put it more in a dramatic way)
And then..
Young officer 2:
Audience: HUH?
Mr Chairman and VIP: We need the young officers to give opinions and to speaks their mind by asking questions. Please take part during the colloquium. Interact.
My personal views:
Are our young officers that bad? I don't think so.
Then why don't they ask questions to the speakers?
CAUTION: The answer given is based on one person opinion only.
Well first of all, I am a man with a few words (GSS terus gelak besar). No really, this is me but terms and condition applied in certain situations. For me, I can share my opinion and ask questions if I understand the topic and if the presentation was innovative. Even so, if I have a question, I think I can manage to find the answer by myself because I am capable of doing it (bukanlah cakap besar, tapi rasanya semua kita macam tu).The interest of the topic will drive me to know more about it. But giving a limited time to consumed handouts/papers and the presentation on that very morning and expect me to give a response right away...well I think that is not a right way to do it. Yes, I can ask question in terms of definition, or all those capital letters that mean something or why this is high and why this is low. But, that kind of question shows you do not read much. I believed I am a research officer or lets put it in different words, I am scientist and scientist read. If I want to ask a question, I am going to make sure that the questions will sparks debate and for others to think about it. For simple questions, I most probably search it by myself or ask it personally to the people who are expert in it. However, we must take into account that we are having a colloquim. During colloquim, we are supposed to ask and comment scientifically. What we have been listening to during our previous colloquim (this past 2 years) are questions with hatred, nak kenakan orang lain, provokasi, question that you even can ask to yourself wether it is necessary to ask, soalan sebab ada VIP or soalan yang terkeluar selepas dipaksa oleh Chairman. Next, suggestions and opinions from the young officers. During the third Q&A session, Young Officer 1 did give a suggestion. However, the way Mr Chairman handling it, it is actually imitating the real situation. When young officers voicing out their opinions, do our opininions realy counts? Because I think most of the younger officer experiencing this whereby when they give their opinions and suggestions, ia tak ke mana. Sometimes we will give bad ideas, however it is still an ideas. We need to generate it. Kalau awal-awal dah negatif, the young officers will reluctant to voice out their opinions later. Pupuklah semangat meluahkan idea bukannya provakasi semata-mata.
MAAG: I do agree with some of the young officers, " Audience LGM lagi teruk daripada Audience dekat conference"
P/S: The writer/MAAG is a shy person who like to ask questions in person dengan niat tak nak havoc. Dia suka merisik dekat belakang yang mana selalu di salah tafsir sebagai kedekut sebab tak nak berkongsi idea bersama-sama. The truth is, he don't read much nowadays so soalan-soalan dia selalunya tak bernas. However, he is trying hard to improved it as he works at one of the oldest institute in Malaysia doing research. He is also one of the many lazy audience for the past four years of colloquim.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


To all ladies

This maybe what happen if you have too much of bling-bling/shiny rocks! (weather it is real or fake). It may end up confusing the ecosystems. Girls! please stick with that one rock at your finger and not too much on your 'tudung', Handbag etc. Most guys prefered it simple, we don't like to live our life all year round with a girl that looks like Christmas tree.

P/s: me and SS both were confused about this finger things. BTW, what is the name of the finger that you put your ring on? We knew the finger, just the name, jari hantu or jari manis. Sigh...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



The keyword is BLING! everybody. Here are some of the pictures from our amateur praparazzi (GSS) while SN will review some of the hits and miss from the SOILS 2009 participant. While most of the participant blend in with the crowds in blacks and dark brown that includes SN &GSS. There are a few BLINGERS that manage to stand out from the crowds.

All we have to say is we were FASCINATED by the shining girls (Editor might want to take a good look at them...). There were other blingers on board but people were getting suspicious at our photographer.


Most interesting paper were on a very unexpected issues...the keyword is WORM everybody. Paper presented by the representative from United Plantation enlightened us with his work that involves WORMS. Pictures of various species of earthworms were revealed to the participants during the presentation. And then the chairman invited everyone for LUNCH..(yes after seeing the worms we were very hungry :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

SANA SINI @ HERE & THERE (13 - 19 APRIL 2009)

13 -16 April Soil Science Conference 2009 (YAK, GSS, SN)
14 April Visit by Minister
16 April Meeting on Stimulation Effects (MAAG, SN)
17 April Monthly Colloquium





There is a new HBO original series that is interesting to watch. Why? because it is about vampire but with out Buffy, Angel or even Blade, more sexy, scary,brutal, cool, good storyline (it is from the novel by Charlaine Harris), Anna Paquin won Golden Globe for her role in this, it is from the Emmy award winner and creator of 'Six Feet Under' and surely...True Blood promises an intense ride for you if you stick with it. Below are the schedule... only on CINEMAX.

14 April 10.00 am -12 pm / 8.00-10.00 pm EP 1&2
15 April 10.00 am- 12 pm/8.00-10.00 pm EP 3&4
16 April 10.00 pm-12 am EP 5&6

Sunday, April 12, 2009 kite..(SOILS CONFERENCE 2009)

Hello..Hello..the agronomy team (SN & GSS, not sure if YAK is here or not) are now in beautiful Terengganu the land of penyu bertelur (see picture). The writer and GSS fly to ganu using MAS (d official flights for gomen la) unfortunately for us the flight was delayed for about 1 hour becoz of the heavy rain. However we finally arrived in Ganu at 5 pm.

Primula beach resort is a great 3 star hotel and the rate is beyond our claim limit (he..he) even the Nasi goreng kampung will cost you about RM30. At this price the taste should be marvelous! We didn't do much today other than strolling along the beach. Anyway, the conference will starts tomorrow untill the 16th. So stay tune for the latest news from the land of penyu telor" kite".

p/s: can't seems to get that song out my head. I wonder if we could see some penyu here...


In conjunction with Soil Science Conference 2009, two of CMU representatives namely GSS and SN will be in KT to give us up dates on the event. We don't know what kind of up-dates, but we hope to know what both of them are up to for the next three days in Kuala Terengganu. Happy conferencing and don't forget 'ole-ole' (SS yang mintak).

Friday, April 3, 2009


LELAKI INI(yang dalam bulatan merah) a.k.a Jejaka tengah ni bukan Abang Long mana2 bebudak UPT. Rasanya suma dah boleh teka siapa LELAKI INI. Kalau tak tahu jugak, ni nak bagi hint. LELAKI INI adalah mantan HOU UPT. LELAKI INI jugak sekarang ada dekat BGA. Dan yang paling penting untuk LELAKI INI, pada hari ini ialah hari jadi dia!

Jadi kami di UPT ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI JADI buat MAMS, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan berbahagialah hendaknya.

P/s : Jejaka kira dan kanan masih tak dapat dikenalpasti

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


He registered today alongside five others. This new edition of CMU officers' was graduated from UPM doing Forestry. He previously worked with Jabatan Perhutanan for nearly seven months before joining MRB.

We at CMU Officers' blog want to welcome him to Sg. Buloh and hopefully he likes working with us here in CMU.


Tengah belek-belek gambar trip ke Kelantan, tup-tup terbuka gambar ni...

Masa gi Kelantan hari tu, sempat singgah ke ofis LGM Machang. Tak ada rezeki nak jumpa En. Samat. Tapi kami jumpa sesuatu yang lain yang menarik jugak. Seberang jalan daripada ofis LGM Machang rupa-rupanya ada Burger Mac De dan Pizza Hir. Kolonel Sanders dia siap pakai songkok tu! Nak jugak singgah tapi sebabkan jadual yang penuh, terpaksa ler cancel makan dekat situ. Tapi next time around, kalau ke Pantai Timur lagi, restoren ini akan jadi tempat mesti singgah bagi orang2 CMU, boleh gak cit cat dgn En.Samat.